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Takeaways from traineeship at NorCore

As we have welcomed a new trainee at NorCore, we have also said goodbye to Magnus Stakkestad who spent Autumn 2022 at the office as a trainee.

Magnus hasn't moved far away from NorCore as he is now a trainee at the Norwegian Mission to the EU. In connection to this, we reached out to him about his reflections on his stay at NorCore, and how he is using his experiences from NorCore at the Norwegian Mission.

- I had a fantastic semester at NorCore, where I got to deep dive into the topics of research, innovation, and education. When I started my traineeship, these were not particularly familiar topics, but I was curious and wanted to learn. During my time at NorCore, I got insights into the three policy areas and the synergies between them. This was eye-opening knowledge, that gave me new perspectives related to how Europe approaches global challenges, says Magnus.

- I also learned a lot about the EU, which initially was my primary motivation for applying. By getting practical experience working with the EU, I started to understand more and more of the different processes. The last area of knowledge I want to bring attention to is Norwegian public policy and administration. It was interesting to experience the links between the Norwegian government's policy priorities, and how the Research Council of Norway, Innovation Norway, and the Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills focus their work in Brussels.

Magnus also adds that the skills he learnt through his traineeship at NorCore have been very relevant to his work at the Mission.

- I want to highlight the knowledge I gained about the EU as particularly helpful, as well as experiences related to different work tasks, such as writing reports, news articles, social media, and organizing events.

He ends off by recommending applying for the Autumn 2023 traineeship.


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