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The Norwegian Contact Office for Research, Innovation and Education is as a joint office with three partners: The Research Council of Norway (RCN), Innovation Norway (IN) and Norwegian Directorate for Education and Skills. We offer advice and services to all Norwegian actors within research, innovation and education. We also offer advise and input to stakeholders in Brussels. 



as a bridge between stakeholders in Norway and the rest of Europe 


European collaboration within research, innovation and education



Norwegian participation in EU programmes

to the development of the European policy in research, innovation and education 


Norwegian actors' ability to achieve their international goals 


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The Research Council of Norway is the national strategic and executive body for research and research-based innovation and serves as an advisory body to the government on research policy.


The Research Council seeks to promote an integrated R&D system that supplies high-quality research, develops knowledge for dealing with key challenges to society and the business sector, fosters dynamic interaction within the R&D system nationally and internationally, and creates a framework for learning, application and innovation.


The Research Council’s sphere of action encompasses all subjects and disciplines, all thematic areas and all aspects of society, from basic research to research-based innovation and commercialisation. Research funding allocated via the Research Council’s competitive arenas may be awarded to all qualified Norwegian research environments, companies and public entities.

Innovation Norway is the Norwegian government's most important instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry.

We support companies in developing their competitive advantage, to enhance innovation, and create value by stimulating profitable business development throughout Norway.


Our programmes, grants and services are intended to create more successful entrepreneurs, more enterprises with capacity for growth, and more innovative business clusters. Innovation Norway is a global actor with offices in all regions of Norway and in close to 40 countries worldwide.

The Directorate for Higher Education and Skills is the executive agency for the Ministry of Education and Research within the higher education and higher vocational education sectors, and is responsible for implementing the national skills policy. We advise the Ministry, we implement national policies, and we coordinate incentive schemes and management instruments.


The directorate shall contribute to enhance the quality of education and skills, strengthen international collaboration, and be a driver for the digital restructuring of Norwegian universities and university colleges. We strive to enhance knowledge and skills in the population, make lifelong high-quality education, learning and career guidance accessible to all, and to improve the match between demand and supply of skills to the labour market.