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New staff and new trainee at NorCore

This spring we are happy to welcome two new staff members and a new trainee to the NorCore office. Ingeborg Frøysnes joins as Special adviser for Innovation Norway, Ingvild Hope joins us as a Senior adviser for the Norwegian Directorate of Higher Education and Skills, and Martine Høstland joins as our new trainee.

From the left: Ingeborg Frøysnes, Ingvild Hope and Martine Høstland.

Ingeborg works as a special adviser for the Innovation Norway Brussels office, with particular focus on scale-ups. In addition to this she also works with AI - both from a regulatory and marked perspective. Before joining Innovation Norway, she worked as a policy adviser for the Norwegian Financial Union, looking at how technology affects the financial sector, particularly with regards to AI, FinTech, Block chain technology and cybersecurity. She has previously worked as a policy adviser for ICT Norway (IKT Norge), focusing on politics, AI, EdTech, and ICT startups. She has also worked as the COO of a Norwegian AI-startup, which delivered solutions based on NLP technology to a variety of different sectors. “I’m truly looking forward to assisting Norwegian companies in finding opportunities for scaling within the EU!”

Ingvild is a senior adviser at the department of global cooperation and capacity building at the Norwegian Directorate of Higher Education and Skills. As a coordinator for the NORPART programme, Ingvild uses her time at NorCore to see how to better cooperate with the EU regarding the global perspective. "I'm here to learn about the international partnerships, and how Norwegian academics can cooperate with academics across the globe, and especially in the global south, through the EU-programmes. It's very exciting to get to see the complex workings of the EU up close".

Our new trainee Martine has a bachelors degree in political science from NTNU. She has previously had an internship at the Norwegian Embassy in Bern, Switzerland, and will start her master studies in the fall. “Being here in Brussels and seeing the inner workings of the EU up close is of great value as a political scientist. Working with NorCore on the EU programmes Horizon Europe and Erasmus+ is a great opportunity to learn both about how NorCore work with different stakeholders in the fields of education, research and innovation, and to learn more about Norways role in Brussels in general”.

We wish Ingeborg, Ingvild and Martine welcome to Brussels and NorCore!


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