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Research & Education Seminar

3-4 May 2017

Ja, takk begge deler! Hvordan bruke EU programmene til din strategiske fordel?

How to use EU programmes for research and education in a more strategic way?

  • Research & Education Seminar

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Better strategic use of EU' programmes within education and research

Recently, 35 participants from Norwegian universities and colleges were gathered in Brussels to discuss how their institutions can improve the strategic use of EU education and research programmess and how to work better across programmes. Participants came from both the research and education side, and many work directly either with Horizon 2020 or Erasmus +. For many of the participants, this was the first time those who worked with EU education and research programmes had a joint session, and several expressed that it was very useful in itself. Norwegian authorities want stronger collaboration between research and education programmes, and the Research Council and the Norwegian Centre for Internationalisation of Education (SIU) have for a long time worked on defining how to strenghten the links between the EU programmes. The seminar was the first joint event organized by the Brussels Contact Office for Research, Innovation, Education, NorCore.

Leo Klomp

Strategy and incentives

The Netherlands is good at utilizing funding opportunities in EU programmes, and Dr. Leonard Klomp, acting director at the Grants Desk at the VU University and VU Medical Center Amsterdam, had good advice to his Norwegian colleagues: Job strategically. Begin to develop an effective financing plan that is built upon and integrated into strategies for research, education and internationalization. Klomp also stressed that incentives are important in this work. Prizes must be made for researchers, teachers and students - do not forget to give them pai! In addition, one should build on where you are good - everyone cannot do everything - and take advantage of the opportunities that arise.

Head of Department Vidar Pedersen of SIU emphasized the importance of seeing research and education in context, both in relation to EU programs and in Norway where such a link has long been a major objective in higher education. "If the institutions to a greater extent think about their European commitment, it should increase the chance of succedding both in ERASMUS + and Horizon 2020," he said.

SIU and the Research Council will follow up nationally to contribute to better and more strategic use of education and research programmes.


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