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Staff changes at NorCore

After being with us since 2018, Elisa has left her role as a receptionist and assistant at NorCore and SwissCore. We are sad to see her leave, but we wish her all the best at her new job at Spanish Office for Science and Technology. NorCore is very grateful for the amazing work Elisa has done for us during her 5 years with us.

We are happy to welcome back Paulina to NorCore, who is taking over Elisa’s role at the office. Paulina has previously been with us as a temporary replacement for Elisa, and she says she is glad to be back with the team. Paulina can be contacted at

The office has also grown bigger during the last month, with Hilde joining us from The Directorate for Higher Education and Skills’ Tromsø office. Hilde's area of work is innovation in education, flexible provision of education and lifelong learning. She is a member of the Network of National Advisory Services (NAS), an initiative under the European Digital Education Hub (EDEH) that brings together national and regional bodies active in the implementation of digital education policies. Hilde will stay at the office until June.

We wish Hilde and Paulina a very warm welcome to the NorCore Office!


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