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Some farewells

With the end of the year approaching there will be some staff changes at our office.

After a nine-month stay at NorCore, our receptionist and assistant Paulin Aguirre leaves the office with a lot of gratitude. “I think this opportunity to work for NorCore and spend time with the team has been enriching professionally and personally”, says Paulina. Now she is traveling home to Ecuador for two months.

Margunn Instefjord has headed back home to Norway to continue her work at HK-dir’s office in Bergen. “My stay at Norcore has exceeded my expectations in every way. For three months I have been a part of a vibrant and exciting working community”, says Margunn. At home in Bergen, she will continue to work with the EEA and Norway grants, with new knowledge and a useful network, as well as insights into the European system and instruments for the Norwegian stakeholders.

Ragnhild Espeland at Innovation Norway says her stay in Brussels has been a learning experience since day one. Her key takeaway is that Europe challenges the status quo driven by a sustainable purpose, and they act fast. “They prioritise, set regulations and allocate funding to reach their goals”, says Ragnhild. When she is back at Innovation Norway Rogaland, she will challenge Norwegian companies to more often look at the possibilities in the European market.

We thank Paulina, Margunn and Ragnhild for their contributions and wish them all the best!


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