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Seminar on synergies between research and higher education

On November 14, NorCore organized a seminar titled "How 1+1 becomes 3: synergies between research and higher education." The aim of the seminar was to invite relevant interest groups at the EU level to discuss existing structural constraints and challenges, how to better create stronger links between research and education, and how future EU funding programmes can better facilitate synergies.

The seminar began with presentations by Katrine Moland Hansen and Rosa Nogueira from the University of Bergen, who discussed their report and recommendations on synergies. Joep Bresser from Neth-ER gave a presentation on their position for the next Erasmus+ and their position on synergies between EU programmes. Next on the agenda was a panel discussion with the previous speakers and key stakeholders; Veronika Kupriyanova (ACA), Ivana Didak (The Guild), Thomas Jørgensen (EUA) and Sophia Karner (Una Europa).

The panellists first started with reflecting on their own perception of how to define synergies, followed by a discussion on how the future EU funding programmes can be better designed for synergies between research and education to reach its full potential. The discussions highlighted the need for more flexibility for synergies in the programmes and that there is a need for more reflection on the topic.


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