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Upcoming seminar: Synergies between research and higher education

NorCore is pleased to invite you to the seminar "How 1+1 becomes 3: Synergies between research and higher education".

Date: 14th of November, 09:30-13:00.

Location: Atelier 29, Rue Jacques de Lalaing 29, 1000 Brussels


Deadline for registration: 9th of November 12:00


Establishing stronger links between research, innovation and education can promote cross-disciplinarity, enhancing the quality of both research and education and addressing global challenges effectively.

Furthermore, higher education institutions have a dual mission encompassing both education and research. There has also been a longstanding tradition of considering these aspects separately, deeply ingrained in policies, organizational structures, and funding mechanisms, which hinders collaboration between research and education and obstructs the potential synergies between them.

Therefore, there is a need to look at the existing structural challenges and discuss how future funding programmes can be designed to facilitate the realisation of the full potential of research and education.

We see the necessity for a conversation on this, with discussions on what has worked and what has not. Especially in the light of the future EU funding programmes and how they better can cater for synergies between research and education.



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